The Secret Beauty Garden, Edinburgh

It was a few years ago that a dear friend of mine led me down a wee path by the Water of Leith at Roseburn and into the cosy charm of the Secret Beauty Garden: Mark 1. Its home back then was a wee nook of a converted garage unit; the massage I had there that day was legendary. Fast forward a couple of years and the salon has brand, spanking new premises on the busier thoroughfare of Morrison Street. The Secret Beauty Garden has gone from strength to strength, gaining many a loyal follower and complimentary review along the way. Unsurprisingly, as the treatments and service are excellent.

A wee while ago, the salon’s lovely owner, Laura Taylor invited me in to check out the new salon and try a complimentary, full lash extension treatment. The entire place is one lush, warm, snug of an environment which removes you instantly from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The treatment rooms are wee havens of soothing tranquillity with gentle lighting and the staff are welcoming and friendly, quick to offer you a refreshment of your choice.

Treatments at The Secret Beauty Garden

The Secret Beauty Garden
Owner, Laura Taylor pampering a customer.

For those of you – like me – who are unfamiliar with the process of eyelash extensions themselves, it is really relaxing and not at all scary, I promise! Firstly, Laura asked me to lie back on a luxurious, heated massage table replete with comfy cushion. Then we had a wee discussion about the kind of look I was going for. Natural or full-on glam? I decided to place my trust in her judgement and so, I was able to lie back, relax and enjoy the treatment and chat.

Secret Beauty Garden
Eyelash extensions at The Secret Beauty Garden

Next, my eye area was cleansed of the usual end-of-day detritus to ensure that it was free of any protein or oil. This helps the lashes bond to the host lash. Then, white pads were placed over the lower lashes to keep them out of the way, before Laura individually – nay, painstakingly – tweezered each lash onto my own with the bonding glue. After a soothing hour of lying back with my eyes closed, I couldn’t believe the results! Talk about whiplash peepers! The selfies I have don’t really do it much justice however (bad photography on my part!), so instead here’s my gorgeous friend, Kelda modelling the finished result ski-stylee!

In addition to their divine lashes, The Secret Beauty Garden offers a range of treatments including shellac manicures, Elemis (yum!) facials and their lush, signature massage treatment. Asides from it being a training academy, what sets this salon apart from many others is the emphasis placed not only upon the treatments themselves, but the focus on well-being with alternative therapies such as reiki and reflexology are on offer. Laura has recently launched a Well-being page on her site with a link to her Facebook Group all about taking better care of ourselves and offers special care packages for the perpetually fried amongst us.

The Secret Beauty Garden
The ‘hygge’ of beauty salons.

I remember a time when I believed that pampering myself was a thoroughly indulgent thing to do. That was until I started to realise the value of experiences over things, self-care over marching on without listening to my mind and body and the vital role that a regular spot of nurture brings to your own sense of alignment. Laura Taylor and her team just GET this. In fact, Laura and her team just GET everything. Ever. Fact.

I aim to make it my priority to have a massage or treatment at least once a month and can think of no better place to go for a bit of R and R. I can honestly say that I’ve tried other places and nothing quite matches up to The Secret Beauty Garden experience. It is simply the hygge of beauty salons. Now what are you waiting for ladies and gents? Go on, treat yersels!

Laura Taylor of The Secret Beauty Garden and her cosy, wee egg chair nook.

How to find The Secret Beauty Garden

It’s slap-bang in the middle of Edinburgh’s fashionable West End, here.

The Secret Beauty Garden

133 – 135 Morrison St




This post is dedicated to the memory of Kelda Henderson. Patron, friend, promoter of The Secret Beauty Garden and luscious, eyelashes devotee. Babes never die.


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