VietNOM! The Hanoi Bike Shop

I recently had a taste experience SOOOOO good that I had to write about it and spread the word! The Hanoi Bike Shop is a great, wee Vietnamese restaurant cooried (tucked) away down Ruthven Lane in Glasgow’s West End.

Hanoi Bike Shop exterior on Ruthven Lane.

The decor is quirky and intended to simulate an authentic, Vietnamese restaurant experience. It’s very much about casual dining with a lovely, laid-back ambience here and I found it very easy to relax, and switch off.

Hanoi Bike Shop interiorHanoi Bike Shop interior

The staff were also lovely, chatty (I got complimented on the shade of my red lipstick) and very helpful, taking care to explain how your course is to be traditionally eaten. They don’t hound you however, and leave you to eat your meal in peace which in spite of being a sociable type, I really appreciate sometimes! Especially when I am dining on my own and just want to face-plant into a book.


The fresh, locally-sourced food did not fail to deliver a universe of flavours unto my yearning tastebuds and growly belly. The summer rolls I ordered truly were something else, as were the daikon and soya bean cakes.

Hanoi Bike Shop foodHanoi Bike Shop specials

The entire, damn menu is stappit fu o’ (filled to bursting) spicy, palate seducing delights and they even have a gluten-free menu, of which ma maw would be fair thrilled.) I’m personally coming back again soon for some of the specials though. Fermented chilli pork shoulder? Aye tae that!

How to get there:

Take the Clockword Orange (Glasgow’s underground) to Hillhead Station, taking a wee bit of time to marvel at Alasdair Gray’s beautiful mural of Glasgow. Cross the road outside the station and veer to the left a little once across and you’ll see Ruthven Lane, advertising all of its braw wares and eateries.

Here’s a map too:,-4.2954021,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x488845cef8c83dcf:0xc57bf4fd878e5cfa!8m2!3d55.8752901!4d-4.2942863

Hanoi Bike Shop sign

Get yerself along here troops – yer laughing gear shall be greatly rewarded!

The Hanoi Bike Shop, 8 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, G12 9BG

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